VAS (Vehicle Alarm System)

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Key Features:

  •  Automatically escalates alarm messages until a positive response is returned – alarms are sent to primary responders(patrol officer’s vehicle) and to back-up responders (control room) until action is taken.

  • Receive, read and manage alarms or tasks on the go.

  • Instant notification about critical alarms.


  • Money transfer vehicles

  • Oil, gas, and petrochemical transfer vehicles

  • Containers transfer vehicles

  • Public Transportation

  • Taxi Companies

  • Transport and delivery vehicles

  • Ambulance, emergency and rescue vehicles

VAS (Vehicle Alarm System)


Being able to quickly and efficiently deploy units in mission critical situations can save time, and ultimately lives. With the VAS being a flexible yet stable communications and security system, emergency responders can make every second count. Integrated functions are provided to improve overall task efficiency including turning on the radio’s microphone automatically in complete silence in case of an emergency. Along with sending the current location of the vehicle back to the application software. Alarms are either triggered automatically in case of an emergency or manually by pressing the emergency button to notify the nearest patrol officer of the current situation.

With the tablet fixed in the police patrol officer’s vehicle, the workforce can receive, read and manage alarms while on the move. Without needing to return to the control room for a quick response and provide the appropriate help needed. In addition of controlling the vehicle remotely by providing the ability of stopping and starting the vehicle. Also offering sensors already present in the vehicle or installing additional sensors for complete remote management and control.

VAS (Vehicle Alarm System) 2
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