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The TETRA sites monitoring solution provides the operator with remote monitoring and error notification of the TETRA network coverage.

The information is graphed on a map in the application with different colors representing different site types (mobile and portable sites). Granting the operator full statistics about the network coverage. The operator is immediately informed with an alarm indication (both visually and audibly) stating the reason with different severity levels of the warning type. An option of forwarding the alarms via email, SDS, and /or SMS. An advanced search engine to help the operator to narrow for specific results and gain fast and efficient results, along with a report logger for history data retrievals.


TETRA Sites Monitoring Solution
  • Monitor all of TETRA mobile and portable sites

  • Graphical plotting the location of each TETRA site in the application map by using either free Google maps or GIS maps

  • Visually and audibly alarm indication in the incidence of a TETRA site failure with severity warning level

  • Report generation including all or specific selected site performance, number of failure or down times

  • Advanced search option for efficient and faster results by:

  • Number of sites covering specific route or area

  • Select specific route or area to display the number of covering sites

  • Display working sites or down sites

  • Filter by:

    • Zone Number

    • City Name

    • Site Name

    • Site ID

TETRA Sites Monitoring Solution 1

List of full details of selected site including:

  • Total Time Up and Down

  • BTS Type

  • BR Status Information

  • Site Link Status

  • Internal Temperature

  • MTS Status

  • Site Link State

  • Last Calibration Date Time

  • Calibration Due Date Time

  • GPS State and GPS Date & Time

  • Local Time

  • TETRA Slot

  • Synchronized Status

  • GPSR Antenna Status

  • PDOP** Status and value

  • HDLC* Statistics

  • Detailed Satellite Status

  • Global E1 Settings

  • GPSR Type and Model

  • Software Version

*HDLC: High-Level Data Link Control
**PDOP: Position Dilution of Precisio

Target Markets

This solution could be used for long-term coverage verification for:

  • Services provided RF Planning Department.

  • Widely distributed customers.

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