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RTU (REMOTE Terminal Unit)

The RTU is a heavy duty, dust proof remote alarm unit able to outstand extreme weather conditions.

It is capable of sending alarms to a single / multiple destination( s ) several times , with a predefined

duration (if required),that can be adjusted manually.Inputs may be Normally Open or Normally Closed.

TRIM (The Control Interface Module) translates the alarm input and sends an SDS to the programmed destination(s).

The SDS contains the location and the type of the alarm. Alarms can be sent to multiple destinations, the programmed destinations can be configured remotely Over the Air “OTA”.



RTU contains

Mobile Radio (TETRA or MOTOTRBO).
Radio Interface Module (RIM) (Control Interface Module).
Power Management Subsystem (Power Supply,    Rechargeable    Battery).
Optional relay control board (for output feedback control).

RTU - REMOTE Terminal Unit


Another version of the RTU is the NANO-RTU that has the same remarkable, outstanding performance and capabilities in a compact smaller size suitable for indoor use. Output signals and relays can be activated, to control certain areas (devices) based on the triggered alarm. This is done from either the unit itself, or from a feedback from the control room, software application or even from a radio by a SDS**. The NANO-RTU provides a cost effective solution by integrating with an existing fire system or camera security system for an extendable security breach.

**SDS: Short Data Service (message)

Control Room Alarm Software Application

The application manages and translates the received alarms and displays the alarm source, type, time, date, and the person to be contacted. The triggered alarm location is also plotted on the building plan or on either free Google Maps or on any user’s own map if available. Alarm acknowledgement is sent back to the RTU to ensure a response to the triggered. All alarms are stored in a database for historical retrievals.


Key Features:

  • Large no. of separate inputs can be programmed as Normally Open or Normally Closed and can be sent to separate destination

  • Alarm sending will be stopped as soon as acknowledgment is received

  • Monitor and control from a control room computer

  • Monitor and control from radios on site (in the field)

  • Power redundancy using a backup battery for power supply in case of AC failure

  • Operation in harsh environments and indoor use

  • The Remote Terminal Unit is capable with all TETRA and Mototrbo radios

  • The programmed destinations can be configured remotely Over the Air “OTA”

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