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Provides information such as speed, location, start/stop time, virtual zone entrance/exit time and many other events. Present and historical reports can be generated. The system can be combined and integrated with the Vehicle Alarm System to provide customers with maximum control over the vehicle. Including start/stop the vehicle, emergency button, door sensors and any other sensors. Fleet Tracking and Geofencing System is a real-time vehicle tracking with powerful analytical software, the system is one of the most sophisticated business analysis packages available in the marketplace. The Fleet Tracking and Geofencing System enables companies to better manage their fleet operations through improved visibility and control, it also unlocks valuable business knowledge that can be utilized to implement further cost-effective measures. The system can monitor a virtually unlimited number of vehicles. All Vehicles can now be secured and monitored 24 hours a day.

Fleet Tracking & Geofencing System


  • Can be work in any place where there is an internet connection.

  • View current position and status of driver and vehicles via GPS satellites.

  • Accurate journey histories.

  • Easily identify the nearest vehicle to a location.

  • Automated timesheets for each employee.

  • Monitor excessive speeding.

  • Record out of hours per unauthorized vehicle use.

  • Geofencing allowing management of territories:

  1.  Immediately informed when vehicles move into or out of a pre-defined area. This not only helps you increase the security of your assets, it also helps manage congestion charges

  2.  ​Drivers exceeding their time limits.

• Reports - tailored and emailed to your inbox:

  1. Generated weekly, monthly or whenever suits your soon to be commercial    vehicle tracking business best.

  2. Driver time sheets, engine idling, time spent at specific locations, mileage reports etc.

• Compatible with TETRA and Mototrbo Systems.

• Using ESRI maps or free Google Earth map.

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